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After 2years of long journey, I finally got to see them again! They have changed in some ways, but still they were cool friends!

Can’t wait to see they again in few years🙈💕


Watched the Disney movie “frozen” and it was one of the best movies ever😆💓

I like the songs, images and the story❄️

My favorite character was Olaf the snowman😎☀️

I got attracted to Disney even more, and I love Anna and Elsa so much!



Graduating Gyoshu High School and leaving 3Z classroom.

I am proud of being as a member of 3Z. My class was very memorable, happy, entertaining, heartwarming, energetic, talkative, cooperative, friendly, talented, perfect class.

Thank you. And see you till we meet next time! Big love xoxo

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It’s only 10days before graduation😫 I don’t feel I’m graduating high school and going to university✏️

Early this week I went to Kyoto and Osaka for three days with my friends🚇 It was one of the most memorable trips in my life!

On the first day we went to Kyoto and wore Japanese traditional kimono🇯🇵 Everyone suited very well and I felt like we time-slipped to Edo period⌛️When we got on the train everyone watched us because it was very rare to see many people wearing kimono! We went to Kitano shrine and Kinkakuji🏯 We also had matcha and it was tasty😆🍵 After we went around Kyoto for whole day we went to Osaka🚇 We prepared late birthday surprise to one of the members and it all went well🎂👏

On second day we went sight seeing in Osaka👋😎 We went to Tsūtenkaku, Dōton-bori and American village🇺🇸 We enjoyed shopping and eating takoyaki😋 After we went back to our hotel we ate kushikatsu, and it was delicious👍😃 We also stay awake late playing card game and laughing out loud😂

On the last day we went to Universal Studio Japan which was my most excited part of this trip🎠 We rode many different jet coasters, and we got exhausted by the time we went back home🏠 Before we got on the Shinkansen we met with our friend living in Osaka and ate takoyaki and okonomiyaki🚅 We got use to make takoyaki, and we had great time spending time with our friend👭✨ After we got on the train we played and took lots of pictures until the last minutes📱

I’m so happy to be with them all the time, and I hope we can go to another trip during university😆💓


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone💋

Look what I’ve got from all my friends; cookies, chocolate and brownies🍪👐

I tried some of them, and it was tasty😋
I can imagine my friends making these sweets at their home, thinking about our classmates👫💭

……Well what I gave?
I made a prototype, but I didn’t feel making another one, so I gave Oreo and m&m to everyone🍫 Even though mine wasn’t handmade, they liked it👍😃

In Japan we got heavy snow again, so it became a White Valentine’s Day❄️I hope everyone enjoyed their day and tasted delicious sweets💘

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Today was my forth year and forth time to go snowboarding🏂 I’m getting use to it, but I still need more practice to become a cool snowboarder👍😎

Thanks to my friends spending a exciting time with me today💘



"Be R5’s Valentine” #R5family! Take pics on twitter/Instagram of yourself & use the hashtag #ICantForgetAboutYou & in your pic include a reason u want to be one of our valentines!

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Snow! Snow! Snow!

It’s very rare that we get this heavy snow here❄️ When I was one or two we had heavy snow like today, and I remember that I played outside👬🙌

I’m happy and excited about this snow, but I heard some people got injured, so I hope everyone will stay safe and enjoy this snow😆💓

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A month till graduation…

I can’t believe we are leaving our school next month😢 But I’m excited to move on to the next stage of my life at the same time🏃💨

Friday is the day we only have to go to school which makes me happy📆 I get to meet my friends, talk about how we spent the week and laugh about anything we shared😆💓

This week many of my friends went to Tokyo Disney Sea and we got treats from them🍬🙌

Next school day is Valentine’s Day so I hope everyone will bring in lots of candies💋

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Everything is better with you. My singing is better, my dancing is better, my everything is better.

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